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Professional corrugated packaging materials

Dunapack Zrt. was established in 1990 and transformed into Kft. (limited liability company) in 2011. The company is owned by Mosburger GmbH, member of the Austrian Prinzhorn Group. The group is market leader of paper based packaging materials in Middle-Europe. Dunapack Kft. belongs to the Prinzhorn Group’s Packaging Division manufacturing corrugated products. The division’s activities are carried out in 8 countries of the region and are expanding further. Dunapack Packaging’s membership in Alliabox group guaranties supply of products and services at the same quality level in almost all EU countries.

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Customer friendly approach

Our activities focus on the perfect service of our customers, building the basis of our operations. We follow up full life cycle of the products with different services from product design,
via production to logistic
and direct information
and communication.
Understanding our way of
work will explain you our
customer friendly approach.

Creative services

You only have to bring your product and choose from the wide range of packaging solutions. Our experienced construction designers will develop the most practical and adequate packaging proposal for you minimising material consumption and costs. Special care is dedicated to optimum stacking of boxes on pallets enabling cost efficient transport of your goods. Our graphic designers convert your
message and product
information in a creative
way into a print layout
for the box or adjust and
optimise your graphic
material for flexo-printing.

Eco-friendly products

Even most complicated and complex signs and pictures can be printed to your packaging by our state of the art printing machines. Corrugated packaging materials are manufactured from paper, a recyclable and biodegradable raw material. Long year efforts in the area of environment protection
are proven by successful
operation of international
standards like: ISO 9001,
ISO 14001 and
OHSAS 18001.

Direct contact via Internet

WebWP our electronic sales tool was the first launched electronic information service in the corrugated industry in the region. The programme enables prompt, efficient and high level contacts to our customers via direct communication channel,
providing up-to-date
information about status
of products and other
business related topics
24 hours a day, from
any point of the world.

Please contact us and buy high quality corrugated packaging materials. Call us at +421 36 7511 647 or write an e-mail to slobox@slobox.sk.